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Title: First Time
Rating: R
Pairing: Adam/Anthony
Summary: It’s Adam and Anthony’s first time together...which you probably figured out from the title. Anyway, it’s good...Aubrey inspired me for the kiss at the that girl.

I could die right now and my only regret would be this kiss had to stop, Anthony thought as Adam thoroughly kissed him. Tongues were moving against each other and lips were pressing harder. Adam’s hands held Anthony’s face, while Anthony’s arms encircled his waist. Anthony felt the wall as he was backed up against it. He pushed back just hard, hips grinding into Adam’s. He quickly spun them around until Adam had his back pressed up against the wall of Anthony’s apartment. Adam’s left hand dropped to run along Anthony’s spine, causing so much pleasure Anthony shivered with it. I haven’t shivered in forever, fuck, this man is too perfect. God, I want him, I want him, I want him now.

“Ant,” Adam whispered as the kiss was finally broken, much to both of their disappointment neither had grown gills and air became necessary. “Ant, I want much,” Adam whispered in his ear.

Anthony gasped at the husky tone of Adam’s voice. “I want you too.”

“Take me,” Adam’s breath coasted along Anthony’s neck, as he pressed hot, wet kisses to the skin.

“Are you sure?” Anthony asked.

“Which way to the bedroom?” Adam nipped at the joining of neck and shoulder.

“” Anthony pulled back and grabbed Adam’s hand, “this way.”

Inside the bedroom, Adam lay back on the bed, and held out his arms for Anthony. Anthony climbed into the inviting embrace and kissed the man with as much passion as he could. His hands moved quickly to Adam’s shirt, practically ripping it off to reveal the skin beneath, buttons may have gone flying, but he didn’t care, because Adam’s hands were unbuttoning his shirt and brushing tauntingly over his nipples.

“Adam, oh god,” Anthony moaned. If this is insanity, I want to live in a mental ward. But Anthony decided that no, insanity was achieved when Adam ran his hand along Anthony’s erection.

“Ant,” Adam grasped his new lover’s hips and moved his hand to undo his belt.

Anthony rocked his hips down to feel Adam’s erection moving against his own. “God, I need you,” he gasped.

“Then have me,” Adam undid Anthony’s pants and was working on his own.

Anthony pushed his hands away and unbuttoned then moved down to pull the zipper with his teeth, pulling Adam’s boxers down as well. Once his own were gotten rid of, he moved up to kiss Adam, rubbing their cocks together.

“Sweet fuck!” Anthony whimpered.

“Ant, Anthony, I want you to take me,” Adam pressed kisses to Anthony’s neck.

“Are you sure? I mean we don’t have to...” Anthony was trying to think rationally, they’d only been dating for a few weeks.

Adam pulled back and looked into blue eyes, “I’m sure. I want you to be my first...”

Anthony sucked in a breath, “Your first?”

Adam nodded, “Well, my first time with a guy. And I don’t want it to be anybody but you. I want you to fuck me, Anthony.”

With those words, Anthony’s doubt disappeared and he quickly reached over to grab the lube and the condom from his dresser drawer.

“This may hurt at first,” Anthony cautioned, slicking his fingers and slowly inserting one into Adam’s tight passage.

Adam gasped, “Oh God!”

“Are you okay?” Anthony asked.

Adam bit his lip and forced his words to come out evenly, “More, please fuck, more!”

Anthony added another finger, then a third until Adam was grasping at his arm screaming, “Ant, just fuck me!”

Anthony complied, moving as slowly as he could control himself to, but it got harder as Adam continued to writhe and moan out nonsense beneath him. When he was finally inside Adam, he dropped his mouth to Adam’s, kissing him vigorously.

“Move, oh god...fuck! Move!” Adam moaned when they broke apart.

Anthony started to move, slowly at first, but more of Adam’s cries for ‘more, harder, faster’, was turning him on so much, he started to thrust quicker, slamming into Adam with each thrust.

Adam’s cock was painfully hard and begging for attention, so Anthony wrapped his fingers around Adam’s length and began to pump him, bringing his lover to an intense orgasm, followed quickly by himself, as they screamed each other’s names.

The two spent lovers lay where they were for a few moments, calming themselves and trying to remember their own names.

“Ant?” Adam said, running his hands across Anthony’s back, feeling the fingernail marks he must have left while Anthony was fucking him senseless.

“Yes, baby,” Anthony answered.

“Would you freak out if I said I love you?” Anthony felt heat by his shoulder and smiled when he realized Adam was blushing.

“No,” he whispered. “I’d say I love you too.” Anthony moved off Adam and lay next to him, throwing an arm over his boyfriend’s chest. “I’ll see you in the morning, love.”

Adam smiled, “First thing, baby, first thing.”

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