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Title: First Meetings
Rating: PG-13 because Anthony has an overactive imagination and there is one little kissy (could I ever let one story go without them kissing at least once? God, I hope not).
Pairing: Adam/Anthony (since there are not nearly enough of them)
Summary: The start of a beautiful relationship.
Dedications: To Lael, as always. To my lovely girlfriend...for being lovely.

“Okay, who’s not here and therefore getting their ass fired when they do show up?” Jonathon Larson asked, waving his hands in the air to get everyone’s attention.

Anthony, a blonde, bespectacled guy who’d been in the project for a while chuckled to himself. Jon is so proud of this accomplishment, I don’t think he’ll let anything mess it up. He just wants that one chance to see his name in lights before..., Anthony stopped thinking about how working on the production was taking its toll on its writer.

Just then, the door swung open and a young man walked in. He smiled apologetically, “Sorry I’m late, getting off work for this was a bitch.”

Anthony was suddenly glad he was alone in the corner so no one could see his eyes widen and his mouth hang open. The guy might as well have been moving in slow motion. Short blonde hair and, from what Anthony could imagine was under that t-shirt and jeans, a body to die for.

Jonathon clapped his hands over his head, “Okay, either we make the new guy sing scales ‘til he’s blue, fire him, or someone speaks for him and volunteers to make sure he’s never late again.”

Nobody was moving and Anthony saw the guy bite his lip and shuffle from one foot to another. Poor guy, he’s nervous as fuck, so before his mind had caught up, his hand was in the air.

Everyone turned to look at him and Anthony learned the blonde god had blue eyes. Not blue like his, a regular color, these were eyes that could cut through a diamond. Anthony found it hard to breathe all of a sudden and had to remind himself how it went, Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, try not to picture him naked underneath you begging for release, oh that didn’t help, inhale, oops already did that, they to look sexy while coughing.

“All right, Ant. He’s all yours,” Jon sent a wink across the room.

The guy made his way over to Anthony and stuck out his hand, “Hey. I’m Adam Pascal. Thanks for the rescue. He wouldn’t really have fired me, right?”

Anthony shook Adam’s hand, trying hard not to imagine putting him in handcuffs and redefining ecstasy for him, “Never know with Jon. He might have.”

Adam laughed, but looked somewhat uncomfortable, “I didn’t get your name.”

“Anthony. Anthony Rapp, I, uh, play Mark Cohen,” Anthony mentally kicked himself for sounding like a kid. He was 24 for fuck’s sake.

“Cool. I’m playing Roger. Nice to meet ya, roomie.” Adam gave him a smile that make a small shiver run through Anthony’s body.

“Hey, boys!” Jonathon was waving over to them, “We’re attempting to rehearse if that’s quite all right with you.”

Anthony threw Jon a thumbs up and turned to watch him direct the girl playing Maureen, she had a weird name...Irena maybe, on how to move during “Take Me Or Leave Me”. At one point she tripped and fell. As she got up, Anthony noticed Adam checking out her ass.

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. I meet the most fuckable man I’ve ever seen and he’s straight. That’s it! I surrender! Love can kiss my ass and fuck all the way off.

Then Adam turned and looked at Anthony, he leaned and whispered, “She is hot! Not my type though, besides,” he threw a thumb in the direction of the guy playing Benny, “he’s practically eye fucking her already.”

Anthony mumbled, “Not my type either...lacking one important quality.”

Adam tilted his head and grinned at Anthony, “Let me guess. She’s missing a dick, right? I agree with you on that one. Great body for a girl though.”

Did he just say he agreed with me? Maybe he is gay...well, at least bi. HOLY FUCK! I’ve got a shot. Must make sure to not break out into happy dance until home. Once Anthony was done rejoicing in his head, he became aware that Adam was waving his hand in front of him. “What?”

“I asked if you wanted to let me buy you a coffee after this? To thank you for saving my ass earlier.”

Anthony nodded, “It is a great ass to be saving.”

His newly christened God of SEXINESS started to chuckle.

Anthony’s mouth dropped open, “Did I just say that out loud?”

Adam answered in between fits of laughter, “Oh...yeah...that...was...hilarious.”

Anthony blushed and started to move away, when he felt Adam’s hand on his arm, he turned.

“I never said it was bad. Actually, I consider it quite the compliment. A guy likes to hear he has a savable ass every now and then. Keeps his self-esteem up,” Adam grinned widely.

Anthony blinked at him, “Um, you’re welcome?”

Adam laughed again, “But you never answered my question.”

Anthony nodded quickly, “Yes! I mean, sure I’ll go out with you...I mean, get a coffee with you. It doesn’t have to be a ‘going out with’ thing.”

Adam stood up and quickly kissed Anthony, “I consider it a ‘going out with’ thing. It things go well, maybe you can make sure I’m not late tomorrow. I’ll let you set the alarm.” Then he moved to the center of the room, where Jon was beckoning him to rehearse “One Song Glory”.

Anthony’s mind was whirling, the kiss had been no more than a brush of lips, but it sent pleasure throughout his whole body, I’m going out with him. He wants to go out with me. Sweet Lord, and that last line about making sure he’s not late. He must have been referring to...oh my god, this is great! Hmm, I wonder if he’s got any handcuffs.
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