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Life is Short, Eat Desert First
Pairing: Anthony/Adam (’cause I’ve realized we always put Adam first, so bleh, Ant gets to be first...he’s the dominating one in this fic anyway)
Rating: R...heavy R...NC-17...hell maybe even X.
Summary: Five words: Pretty men, strawberries, whipped cream. (*evil cackle* now your minds are racing)
Dedications: To Aubrey and Alex for mentioning these things and making my mind work (since it naturally comes to this idea when presented with images of food). And to Lael, for actually liking my work. *hugs* thanks...keeps my drama queen ego up. Also to Anthony, who actually pmed me...TWICE! *does the happy dance*.

“Anthony! I’m home, baby,” Adam called as he came in and closed the door to the apartment he and his lover had rented while they were working on the RENT movie.

“In the bedroom, Adam,” Anthony answered. “Don’t come in yet, though. Just wait.”

Adam cocked his head, but then just shrugged out of his coat and tossed it on the nearest chair. He reached for his cigarettes.

“And if you even touch those cigarettes, I’m making you sleep on the couch!”

Adam’s hand dropped in midair. “How does he do that?” he muttered to himself, casting a longing glance at the carton.

“Okay, come in now, honey,” Anthony called.

Adam walked into their bedroom and his breath caught in his throat. Anthony had lit candles all over the room and was lying on their bed wearing absolutely nothing. On the bedside table, there was a bowl and a whipped cream can. “’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

Anthony blushed and extended his hand, he waggled his finger towards his lover in a ‘come hither’ gesture.

Adam started to take off his shirt when Anthony stood up and crossed the room to where he was standing. He placed his hands over Adam’s, “No. Let me. I want to.” Anthony gently tugged on Adam’s shirt, leading him to the bed. He pushed Adam down onto the bed and straddled his thighs.

“Ant,” Adam whispered.

“Shh,” Anthony leaned down and kissed him softly. His hands tugged at Adam’s t-shirt and they stopped the kiss only long enough to take it off. Anthony reached to the dresser and picked up a strawberry. He held it to Adam’s lips, but then brought it up to his own mouth and bit into it. He ran the end along Adam’s throat and followed the juicy trail with his tongue.

“My god,” Adam gasped.

“Thank you, babe,” Anthony chuckled against Adam’s neck.

Adam grabbed Anthony by the wrist and took the strawberry into his mouth, maneuvering his tongue around the remnants to lick Anthony’s fingers.

Anthony took his hand away from Adam’s mouth and traced his fingertips down to the waistband of Adam’s jeans. He undid the button and zipper, then crawled backwards to take them off, along with Adam’s boxers.

“Ant, why all this?” Adam whispered.

Anthony climbed slowly back and covered Adam’s body with his own, kissing him passionately. His tongue tasting the sweetness of the recently consumed fruit as well as Adam’s natural taste. He pulled back, looking into Adam’s blue eyes, “Because I love you. Because we’ve been working really hard and we never seem to have the energy for long, slow lovemaking anymore.”

Adam just leaned up and kissed his beloved gently. His hands ran along Anthony’s back, tracing the muscles he knew by heart. “Long and slow, huh? And the strawberries and whipped cream are for what exactly?”

Anthony grinned in an almost predatory way. He leaned close and whispered huskily in Adam’s ear, “For causing you unparalleled amounts of orgasmic pleasure.”

Adam gasped at his boyfriend’s words. “Oh fuck, Anthony.”

Anthony leaned back on his legs and grabbed the can of whipped cream from the table and took off the top. He pushed down the nozzle and left a trail of whipped cream across Adam’s chest. Anthony leaned to lick it from his lover’s body and bit Adam’s nipple gently. He smiled against his skin when Adam arched his back and moaned loudly.

“Nice to know I’m appreciated,” Anthony smirked, biting Adam’s other nipple and pulling on it gently.

“Sweet lord!” Adam screamed, gripping Anthony’s shoulders and urging his mouth to his for a long kiss.

As their tongues moved with each other’s, Anthony picked up the whipped cream and left a trail of creamy fluff down the length of Adam’s erection. Adam broke the kiss to catch his breath and Anthony took the opportunity to lower his mouth to Adam’s cock. He met his lover’s eyes and licked the cream slowly, holding Adam’s hips to keep him from squirming. He moved his tongue to clean every bit of sugary fluff from Adam’s HUGE erection. (the emphasis of the adjective is just for Lael, told you I’d work it in) Just as Adam reached the brink of ecstasy, Anthony pulled back and kissed his way back to Adam’s lips.

“Ant...please...just fuck me...” Adam panted.

“But,” Anthony pouted, “I wanted...this to be...perfect.”

Adam smiled, “Every time with you is perfect. This has been so amazing, baby.” Adam reached to the bowl and picked up a strawberry and held it to his own lips, biting the end off and rubbing the fruit across his love’s lips. He dropped the strawberry back in the bowl and kissed Anthony’s juice soaked lips. “Please...Ant...take me.”

Anthony groaned and grabbed some lube and slicked it on his cock. He bit Adam’s neck as he pushed inside his lover’s entrance.

Adam arched up to meet Anthony’s thrusts, “Ohh...yes...there...right there, baby,” he moaned, running his fingers through Anthony’s hair as they kissed.

Anthony stroked Adam’s cock as their hips moved faster until Adam came, followed shortly by Anthony.

Once they were finished, Anthony gently pulled out of Adam and they curled up in each other’s arms.

“So next time...can I have you for dessert?” Adam murmured into Anthony’s ear as they drifted off to sleep.
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